A New Little Sister to Love

This little one’s mom was my friend growing up, we lived near each other but lost touch before high school.  We ran into each other a few years back when our boys, now 7 and nearly 7, were about 3 years old!  They hit it off and seem to really enjoy spending time together, as do their sisters (now 5 and nearly 5, just babes in slings when they “met”). But what was my youngest daughter, just a toddler, to do without a playmate in this family?  Well, enter the newest little member–I’m hoping our two youngest girls will be as good as friends as our older children are.

You can feel how much love she gets all day.  Big brother and big sister just adore her, daddy is obviously proud of his newest little girl, and mommy is so devoted and in love.  Thanks, B. Family, for letting me capture this newest gift from God, and the love your family has for one another.  I’m looking forward to our annual summer trip to Brown’s Lake with now six kids to keep track of between our two families! (that sounds like so many!)




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  1. Jeanne Miller

    The black and white values are very nice Jen. I enjoyed the poses that you used for the pictures as well. The colored photo with the baby sticking her tongue out is adorable. You certainly are on your way to a bright future in photography. Keep building that great portfolio. Thanks so much for sharing your God given talent!


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