I am blessed to share my life with an amazing husband and four incredible young children. Each of them adds joy to my daily life and is an inspiration and encouragement. While I home school our children, I am fairly certain I’m the one learning the most about life and love and I am so grateful for my teachers. As a mom, I know how quickly the little ones in our life grow, and how fleeting the stages and moments that we cherish the most are; I desire to freeze a little moment in time for you and create pieces that will be heirlooms in years to come.

As an award-winning artist and sought-after professional photographer, I strive to create beautiful, timeless art pieces for your home that are as unique and beautiful as your family. Being a photographer has always been my dream, and now I’m living it!

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven” ~ Matthew 5:16

Photographers talk often about “finding the light.” It is a necessary step in creating beautiful images. I believe what is also critical to a successful session is capturing your light. My casual and comfortable approach allows your light to shine–for the true personality of each person to shine through. I consider it an honor to watch people open up and share who they are with me.  The way I see it, our world is in desperate need of depth, of soul, of real-ness. Let your light shine, and be part of that.