Your Session

Here is some information that will answer some common questions about your personal portrait experience. Please feel free to contact Jen with any additional questions.

What can I expect from my session?
I will consult with you prior to your session to determine goals, choose a location, and suggest clothing choices to reflect your family’s personality and coordinate with your home decor. The session itself  is shot exclusively in natural light. The morning hours or late afternoon and early evening are my favorite time for photographing, as these times provide the most beautiful light. I will gently guide the session with a comfortable and casual approach. With children especially, I love to catch natural wonder and genuine smiles. I have been known to sing a silly song or two to make them giggle. My favorite family shots are those where the relationships between the members of the family are apparent; where connection and love can be seen. I strive to do minimal posing, and encourage laughter, games, playfulness, and of course, lots of love during the session!

What happens after the session?
After the session, I artistically edit each individual image before placing it in your online password protected gallery.  This is a time-intensive process, so please be patient. I promise your proofs in your online gallery by 2 weeks after the date of your session.

Jen, I’m really interested in some prints for my walls, but how do I know what sizes to choose?  This is a great question.  I want your artwork to look incredible in your home, so I have software that allows us to see how various images, sizes, and arrangements will look on the walls of your very own home. Pretty great, right? 

How much should I expect to invest?  This varies greatly from client to client, and whether we are photographing your family, a high school senior, a newborn, an event...the list goes on and on!  I would love to chat with you and get a better idea of what you are looking for in a photographer and share with you what I can offer.  Give me a call, shoot me a message through the site's contact form, or send me a message on facebook through my business page!

What payment methods do you accept?  Jen Husz Photography accepts cash, check, or credit card.